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Chief Apostle Leroy C.E. Newman

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Bishop Leroy C.E. Newman is the Presiding Prelate of

Friendly Church Ministries International and Co-founder

of The Ecumenical Congress of Bishops and Pastors.

He is an author, educator, and community leader with

a heart for the people. He is devoted to developing

personal ministries through commitment, dedication,

and devotion to the study of God’s Word and the

development of a Christian foundation that will

produce strong evangelistic ministries.


For more than 50 years, Bishop Leroy Newman

has been preaching, teaching, and organizing

ministries throughout the United States and

advising pastors how to turn vision into reality.

He is the author of 8 books and has earned a

Bachelors degree, a Masters degree, and a PhD.


Bishop Newman has help launch more than 30 ministries

in 7 states: Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, and New Jersey, and currently oversees 16 ministries and/or churches. He is charged with creating an atmosphere for clergy to realize the full potential of their calling and the development of their character so that it falls in line with the will of God and His divine purpose for their ministry. Bishop Newman is solely committed to "increase" through academic, social, economic, and spiritual excellence.

He is married to Evangelist Mattie Jean Newman for 57 years and they have three sons: Emory, Tramain, and Israel.


His Motto:

Commitment, Dedication & Devotion Turns Vision Into Reality

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