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Bishop Israel E. Newman


Bishop Israel E. Newman is an anointed visionary and dynamic deliverer of the Word of God. He is the third son born to Apostle Leroy and Evangelist Mattie Newman. Sensing a divine call at the tender age of thirteen, he clung to the words of Jeremiah 1:7, “But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.” 

His zeal for God's work propelled him toward theological education. Taking many impactful classes at Berean Bible Institute & School of Ministry fortified his unwavering faith in the Apostolic doctrine. He went on to earn a Doctorate in Divinity from New York Christian Bible College in 2022. He lives by the timeless adage, "If I fast, I will last, and if I pray, I will stay."

His fervor for God has seen him serve in various capacities, including Youth Pastor and in 2006, he was elevated to the position of Assistant Pastor. In a transformative moment in 2012, after four decades of pastoral service, by the leading of the Lord, Apostle Leroy Newman anointed and appointed him as Senior Pastor of The Friendly Church of the Apostolic Faith, located in Jamaica, Queens, New York. In 2019, his father consecrated him to the Bishopric. Under Apostle’s leadership, he was made General Secretary of Friendly Church Ministries International.


Bishop Newman is a charismatic end-time prophetic voice,

whose preaching has touched lives not only across the

United States, but also in the Caribbean, bringing hope

to the hopeless, encouraging the downtrodden, and

compelling all to live for Jesus Christ. His testimony

echoes the conviction that “with God, all things

are possible.”


At his side stands Lady Tamika Newman, the

love of his life, whose background includes

service in secular and Christian education,

liturgical dance, and youth ministry. Together they have

embarked on a new dimension of ministry and service,

guided by prayer and consecration, always mindful of

1 Samuel 18:14, "And David behaved himself wisely in all

his ways; and the LORD was with him."


Known for quoting the familiar saying, “A charge to keep I

have and a God to glorify”—Bishop Newman continues to

uphold the vision that “Commitment, Dedication and

Devotion Helps Turn Vision into Reality”.

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A message preached by our Bishop: "I Am a Giant Slayer" 

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